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Il y a 3 mois
Purchased as a gift for my friends birthday as he’s a huge fan of PIL. Very pleased with picture and frame. Very good communication from placing order. No complaints at all.
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Il y a 7 mois
Firstly, the courier did not deliver the item on time - I got a message saying that they had tried to deliver but I wasn't in - this was untrue, I was in. So I rang them and was told that they had not delivered because there was £43.60 import duty to be paid. Since this was a present, and I had already paid £143.99 for the print, I paid online over the phone. When I contacted ArtPhotoLimited to query this I was told that I should not have had to pay it, and that if I sent them the receipt they would refund it. Unfortunately, because I made the payment over the telephone I did not get a receipt - I sent them the tracking record which showed that money had been paid and a copy of my bank statement showing that I had paid £43.60 to UPS, but this was not good enough for ArtPhotoLimited and I did not get a refund. Finally, when the print arrived the perspex was badly scratched - whoever put the print into the frame did not fasten the clips that should have held it in place and so the perspex slid around and was scratched by the clips. I had to buy a replacement sheet of glass, I couldn't give my daughter a present with scratches all over it. The actual frame was OK but very plain and cheaply made. Having said all that, the actual print is very nice and my daughter was thrilled with it.
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